Step Up Your Poker MTT Preflop Game

Train standard game situations, receive instant feedback on your decisions and learn to master GTO preflop ranges with ease.

What sets Preflop Ninja apart?

Immersive experience

Powerful UI conveys the feeling of actually playing poker and helps to recall trained situations more easily.

Time-optimized training

Only relevant hands within or close to the range are used for training. Repetition-Mode of false played hands to supercharge your learning progress.

Dynamic game play

In advanced game modes, AI opponents react to your decisions like professional poker players

GTO ranges included

Get your game jump-started with the integrated GTO ranges. Commence with your training immediately. No need to purchase or configure ranges separately.

Easy bet size learning

Subconscious learning of ideal bet sizes through graphical depiction of actual chip stacks and chip values.

Complex training modes

Go beyond the training of open raising. Hone your knowledge about flatting and 3-betting, blind battles, shortstacks, squeeze and more to come soon.

Anywhere, Anytime.

Train on-the-go on any device with our new mobile-friendly version. Directly accessible through your browser and as progressive web app (PWA).

in-game training & settings screenshot

Customize your training

Choose from many different preflop training modes and configure the settings to individualize your training. 

From position over stacksize to game duriation.

Receive instant and quick comprehensible feedback

Every hand played is instantly analyzed and reviewable. Streamlined colors and percentage indicators allow you to grasp the underlying GTO ranges quickly and easily. 

in-game hand review table
in-game range viewer

View complete ranges

Ranges of hero and villain viewable for each round with frequency and EV’s

Randomize frequencies

Randomize the frequency of your actions with our integrated randomizer

in-game action buttons and randomizer
in-game false answer screenshot

Learn from your mistakes

Use the repetition-mode to replay false hands only to improve your weak spots more rapidly.

Select your hands

Not yet enough to customize your training? You can even specifiy the hands you want to train for each training mode.

Preflop Ninja Select Hands
In-game help screenshot

Help yourself

New to preflop ninja or not sure which training mode or settings to choose? Unfamiliar with the poker table or hands review table? We got you covered with our integrated helpsystem.

Raise your voice

We listen to the feedback of our customers and enable them to easily suggest new features or vote on existing ones. 

in-game uservoice screenshot

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Our current roadmap

Though we are confident to have already created the best and most realistic preflop trainer available, we strive to constantly improve by adding new features and suggestions raised by our community in our uservoice board. We are currently working on:

Soon to be released:
• player statistics (statistics data is already gathered for every customer)
• 6-max Cash Game Mode

Next in line:

• Headsup for Cashgame and Tournament Mode
• Squeeze Play for 8-max Tournament Mode

What else do we have in mind?

We take pride to have an active community and are listening to their most wanted requests. Some ideas to currently vote on in our uservoice board as preflop ninja customer:

• even more training modes
• achievements
• EV feedback
• smart learning repetition functions
• usage of own ranges
• and more…

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